About me

Healthy wise been my practice  since 1998.

I stick with awareness, for I know one day i will be facing breast cancer for its in my gene. Thus I become aware of how to prevent and did lots of research through eating healthy; what kind of foods that are good to eat, what kind of herbs to drink, exercise, stress management and the most effort towards a healthier lifestyle,  and on top of my schedule to my annually check up; just remember not all doctors are the same so find doctor that care about you genuinely and same as mammograms. The main one is eating healthy natural/organic and stay away from chemical,

I was born in the Philippines, and left my country in such early age, just turn 18 years old, due to financial problem. I never been in no where but my home town, by bus 8 hours to get in Manila and guess what, back then never get a glimpse of any town but my home town, Santiago City, Isabela. My first work in Singapore then apply to work in Canada.

After I got my Canadian citizenship, happy to bring over my parents to Canada but at the same time the medical result was nightmare; for she was diagnose of breast cancer, 4th stage at age of 52 years old.

She stay with us another 6 years, such young age 58 years old when she died. Mother of mine make determined efforts to deal what she was facing. She prepared  me to be aware of facing my future to undertake it in a natural way, believe it or not I survive and breast cancer free for 3 years now.

Honestly, i do not want anything else but to share or tell you how did we do it, and maybe you are facing breast cancer in your family or one of your friend, neighbors, acquaintance share to people who got gene of breast cancer and what to expect to have one in the future. .  . . .having said that I am not claiming I am a doctor, nor presenting any one in medical and etc. simply just to share how we manage to go through against breast cancer and our own experience (my mother and I).

We able to effort towards a healthier lifestyle but natural foods, herbal & vegetables juice drinks and for me i am a free from breast cancer without depending on chemo, radiation nor pills.  I just hope somehow these can guide you along the way not to suffer from breast cancer.

My heart goes out to people who did not make it and suffer for this ailment but for the people whose facing it hang in there and be healthy wise for no such thing that its too late! If we can pass to all these through emails or sharing by social media it will be better to save somehow life and lessen the suffering for the the victims of breast cancer.


Thank you for reading and hope i can inspire you or encourage you to be healthy wise of my journey against breast cancer!