Effortless Healthy And Beautiful living

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Effortless staying healthy

Effortless Healthy And Beautiful living Effortless healthy and beautiful living is not through diets foods or cosmetics surgery, we certainly eats all kind of foods and do gym exercise.

Also keep on the habit of being on top of what you eat and start to be realistic. By saying this , got lots of definitions of become one in our world we’re living. I was taken aback two years ago and the plan to stay of being healthy never leave my mind.

Start taking nutritional supplements. In a perfect world, you take lots of hours to sleep, stay hydrated, and eat all your fruits and vegetables but yet not enough, so we should take supplements such as vitamins and nutrients.

For 90% we don’t get the recommended amount of important nutrients from food alone. Most of us fail to meet dietary recommendations due to strict dieting, poor appetite for good foods, as we are tend to go to fast food chain. When our stomach screaming for foods.

We forget the good choices, healthy wise gone to the wind, you know exactly what I mean! The appealing to  just grab a bite to settle hunger pangs, for few of us got no power over it.

I used to be guilty one, when you get hungry you eat what’s available, unhealthy foods/snack. Planning to bring healthy foods/snack is the best you can do to be the winner.

Consume healthier alternatives, add to your diet also replace meat by legumes up not so much in eating meat. Make sure you become aware of foods that are  natural/organics, and in almost everything.

Must use household cleaning product naturally too as we got company that selling toxin-free and they only used natural ingredients, such as tea tree oil and lemons which you gonna love it for their products really works!

Effortless staying beautiful


Effortless Healthy And Beautiful living Beautiful is also lots of definition, but this quotes stay with me for as long as I remembered. There is no right or wrong definition of beautiful but when you see someone’s spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that’s beautiful to me”.

Reminds me of my mother. She’s my role model, for I see her accept gracefully in all angles of life. She was phenomenal inside out,  positive energy, patient, giving and the most open-minded person.

Take note my mother never out of our country back then meaning no exposure of open minded culture and third world country.

Only I myself was out of the country amongst family, she has this nature open minded or I should say not corrupted mind at all, she’s the first person I encounter, truly admire.

I watch lots of people, friends and relatives adore her.
Woman who is dying inside but strong enough to let go of the pain and create a happy atmosphere to everyone.

Beautiful is when a woman can be herself, and for sure we all agree to this simple yet is the true meaning itself.

I may add also to use personal care products that are natural, again got  company who sells that stand behind their products is made of vegetables and fruits ingredients.

Beauty or skin care products also, I can’t emphasize enough to used only natural/ organic/chemical free/toxin-free.


Healthy wise tips

  • sleep 8 hours as much as you can
  • drink lots of water 8 cups daily or according to your weight
  • consumes organic/naturally fruits & vegetables, Eat more beans alternative for eating less meat
  • snacks fresh fruits or vegetables, nuts and avoid sugar and preservatives and chemical ingredients
  • take nutritional supplements to maintain the proper balance of your diet.
  • use all natural/organic skin care line
  • exercise 30 minutes at least a day (walking, skipping rope, dancing is also considered as a good one)
  • make effort to do “Me” time, ( doing yoga/meditate, swimming or gardening )
  • last but not the least do check-up annually or when you feel not right make sure consult your doctor do not wait, till last minutes.

By following these effortless healthy and beautiful living tips, you are on top of the world. I am living proof by doing all these natural tips. I’m breast cancer free, but there’s more to it make sure you follow my blog, its been going three years now. Never went chemo nor radiation, not even taking pills, yes no P-I-L-L, beat against all  odds.


I will leave you this quotes that my mother gave me. . .


life is good when you are happy. But life is better when other people are happy because of you


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  1. I love the quote and your message! Congrats on beating cancer that is an AMAZING feat! As far as constructive criticism, you should check over your grammar more often because some sentences are choppy and don’t flow. Also, fix on your website where it says, “just another word press site” try to add something that relates to your site or just delete that sentence all together. Your comment section is also very hard to read. As I type this the words are very faint. I don’t know if you can but try to make the comment words more bold. I love the quote at the end. I would elaborate on the steps to healthy living and make sure the reader knows exactly what to do. Good luck!

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