How I deal and face my Breast Cancer

History of breast Cancer in my family.

How i deal and face my breastcancer well I did never focus on the history of my roots until my mother was diagnosed with breastcancer and I had to focus on what i probably would face in the future

  • I never did focus on any history of my roots which is just typical of the Filipino way. All they will tell us so-and-so died, and we don’t ask questions, Till my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, 1998 of September. Then I began to ask my aunt Fe, the eldest sister of my mother. Their history such as what and how their mother died.


  • My grand-mama which is my mother’s mother, died early for ovary cancer. Needless to say I began to dig in our history in 1998, when my mother came in Canada to visit me for I can not visit them, and my family used to having me every year. I had to go home but my  husband got accident and i can’t go back to the Philippines to visit my family, so I asked my parents to come over instead to visit me in Canada.


  • As the result of her medical does not satisfy our Canada immigration’s medical team, so they ask me to sign a form that as soon as I can bring my parents over, I have to bring them on a second medical test. I did, and bad news came that she had a breast cancer and it is 4th stage. As a matter of facts my mother just got the first mammogram in her life before she got her visitor visa to come to Canada.


  • For the meantime, I am facing the very emotional moment as I am dealing with my mother’s mammogram result. We went and discussed what will be the plan for her. Dr. O’Brien’s office and discuss the plan, decided to do a mastectomy ASAP. I bring back home my mother to do her mastectomy in the Philippines at St Luke Hospital.


  • After the mastectomy, my mother refused the idea of taking chemotherapy, but she determined to do it in a natural way, such as  start taking organic vegetables and natural foods and the most what we did for her to take carrot juice, plus taking tamoxifen pills only.


  • No radiation as we start taking all the necessary precaution and live away from a city where there’s lots of pollution such as the smoke of a vehicle, live out in natural surroundings almost like forest! This is the best as it calms her down.


  • And no one knows in our family or friend what we were dealing (typical Filipino way) but respect what my mother’s wish, and she shared to her sisters. And finally, she told the whole family in the last year of her life, family doctor of course, through her guidance and prepare the family in the end.


  • Yes, no chemo nor radiation. We dealt with all natural ways as my mother’s wish. In a way, I am grateful for her stayed with us for 6 more years. I believe then that it only delayed the breast cancer by taking all natural/organic and living in a chemical free environment. After all she’s the one who assures and predicts it will be better, or they will find out the right pills to get rid of the breast cancer then, when I will face the breast cancer, and not knowing i will face the same thing .



  • Read lots of books and search for about breast cancer, what to do and how to prevent by eating the right vegetable, eating less meat.


  • Taking mammograms every year as I got a history of breast cancer. In Canada, they allow it but normally you must take your mammogram every two years. It’s important for early detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women.


  • I start being healthy wise and stick to the plan to be organic in every way, which i take more fresh vegetables and moderate eating meat (which few local raising chickens are not chemical fed) , always eating fresh fruits and drink herbs and fresh juices only made in real fruits.


  • Taking exercise as I love hiking/walking, aqua fit, basic yoga or simply went dancing lesson to make long story short. I follow what my mother’s doing to stay away from the city and live in a small town where i can get my garden’s vegetable chemical free, and lots of sleep.


  • Taking natural vitamins (which are made of vegetables and fruits) choose the right one as it is good to know which one can be absorbed by my body. Pick wisely, as there’s a lot of natural vitamins out there, few natural companies offer now a day.


  • And turn to natural/organic my whole house hold, it saves you money too by doing it. Few friends of mine actually laughing at me first but in the end they follow me by turning their house  into chemical free as well.


  • Not to forget to tell that using my personal hygiene, only natural/organic, it is free to choose alternative which my favorite is lemon juice. This is what i did.



  • September 2017 did feel pain on my armpit and then i went to my yoga and it became more, so I decided to see my doctor after one week. Since 1998 i am doing my mammogram every year. My doctor sent me to ultrasound mammogram. They found out that i have a density breast.


  • I assume that is normal then, they told me that it’s nothing, but it is something wrong. I am doing yoga for years and years but never had this case of not being able to raise my arm above my head, so I became aware and 2 months passed still very uncomfortable feeling more.


  • Dr. Mavrinac sent me to get another 2nd ultrasound for my doctor to know back then my mother’s history. Mind you, I’ve been a candidate to participate in  understanding Hereditary Breast & ovarian Cancer at BC CANCER AGENCY.


  • Second opinion came and I found out i got 3 lumps, and they did 3 hours scanning just you know. So Dr. Mavrinac sent me to a specialist, surgeon second opinion and right away, the surgeon Dr. Cuddington performed a lumpectomy, May 15, 2018 and said its benign so i ask them what about the 2 lumps and told them it won’t gonna grow, beside it’s too small to do it.


  • Guess what i got dimple on my nipple but I went to see  my doctor again and found the second lump was big enough to perform another lumpectomy. Yes, you heard me right told me it’s normal due to the operation, disfigure my boob again, just beside the first lumpectomy. Don’t forget I got 3 lumps seen in ultra sound mammogram all total.


  • And continued my mammogram and until one day i decided not to put a bra and just a t-shirt I am wearing, I found out that i got wet right on the nipple mark. So went to my doctor and brought me to do a biopsy and diagnose October 2018. I am not impressed but my surgeon asked me to remove again. They did a second lumpectomy but I had enough.”Intermediate-grade ductal carcinoma in situ with focal comedo necrosis ( positive breast cancer ). Result is so fast not even 1 year in between.


  • I discuss doing mastectomy although it is so difficult but i want to save my life and get to the bottom of it. Not easy, but I know if i want to win against my gene from my mother, I need to do something not to get into me without a fight.


  • September 2019 did mastectomy left side and discussed doing a second mastectomy the right side. After I recovered, I was afraid of not making any sense to wait that almost it is too late. 2020 January did another mastectomy for the right side.


  • I did not take any chemo because it cut right out from the roots and no pills either. Just for your information I also ask my surgeon to cut one of my lymph nodes to be sure that there’s no cancer or think of ahead of the game, for as it is assurance that did not spread, yet. . .



  • Yes as I was saying I did the hardest part of my life but i do believe in being able to beat it. I need to cut from the roots and so I had a double mastectomy, for I am not scared to die but i am scared of pain and suffering like I watch my mother. Enough courage for me to fight for I do know she sacrificed and did the alternation for me to watch somehow then i will do the right thing someday, and yes, I did it against all odd.


  • I can say, “trust your intuition.” As millions of people will tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing , but you know yourself and your body best. . . DO WHAT YOUR GUT TELL YOU AND THINK IS RIGHT! Happened to me, so I did, and now am 3 years free from breast cancer. Not my family knows believe it or not only one sister who knows about it but now they’re gonna find out. I want to share my story to have my own experience and hope it will give courage or inspire someone out there that you can not settle in taking control by BREAST CANCER. .


  • I would love to hear your feedback on how you handle or deal to prevent breast cancer to take over your life.



2 thoughts on “How I deal and face my Breast Cancer

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with us Joce. You and your mom are incredibly brave people and I applaud your choice to have a double mastectomy. At least now you can live in peace without worrying all the time about breast cancer.

    I think I would make the same decision if I was diagnosed, but I am over fifty already. If I were younger it would probably be a very difficult decision, and I am sure there are many younger women facing the same dilemma each day. Stay strong and proud.

    1. Hi Michel,

      I did share my story in able to prevent or help somehow few people who facing BC or be familiar of how to deal and make a decision not to suffer by it. and hope the best! Took me 3 years to get out and reveal as I know somehow I can help to others. 

      The age is not an issue no more as long as you know and you got history in your family for sure your family doctor will support you, very important to be on top of it going mammogram as early detection is the key. just remember my mother was diagnose at age 52, and did mastectomy but still prolong 6 years.

      Beside i share this for you to think about of there is option, you yourself in the end will make the right decision. You are welcome to share my website to others like your friend, relatives or co-worker or even your neighbor if you want.

      Appreciate your comment!


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