what are signs of breast cancer in women1

What are signs of breast cancer in women

What are signs of breast cancer in women

You can detect breast cancer by one or more changes in the breast. Changes that may indicate breast cancer include:

Lump or spot in the breast

  • a lump in the breast
  • different feeling spot in the chest
    A lump or spot is often slightly stiffer or harder than the rest of the breast tissue. Sometimes it is round and slips under the fingers like a marble. But it can also feel like a thickened disc or like a strand behind the nipple.

Changes on or around the nipple

  • inverted nipple
  • discharge from the nipple, such as brown, green, watery, milky, or bloody fluid
  • changes in the nipple or areola, for example swelling, redness, peeling skin, flakes or a spot that looks like eczema

Breast skin changes

  • dents or dimples in the skin
  • a wound that does not heal
  • a thickened skin with pits. The skin of the breast then looks like an orange peel

Other changes

  • a breast that feels warm and is red
  • a swelling in the armpit
  • Benign Change in the Breast
    The above changes may indicate breast cancer, but they do not have to. It is often a benign condition, such as a cyst. That is a cavity filled with fluid.

A benign change in the breast may also feel like a swelling or lump. Another name for this is mastopathy.

If you have a benign breast condition, it can be more difficult to examine the breasts yourself. If in doubt about a change in the breast, go to your doctor. He or she can examine the breasts and, if necessary, give a referral for examination in the hospital.

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Go to the doctor on time

If you notice one or more of the changes mentioned above, go to your doctor for further investigation. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the sooner treatment can be started.

Some women are ashamed of a breast problem. However, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. If necessary, you can ask to be examined by a female GP.
How do you examine the breasts?
To notice changes in your breasts, it is important that you know how the breasts normally feel and look. You can do a self-examination for this. For example, do this at a fixed time of the month.

The self-examination is a combination of looking and feeling. Stand in front of the mirror and let your arms hang relaxed at your sides. Take the time to look closely at your breasts. One breast can always be slightly larger than the other. Either one or both nipples have always been retracted.

Then raise your arms above your head and look at your breasts again through the mirror. Some changes are only so visible. Then you can feel your breasts for changes.


Menstruation (period) affects the breasts. Just before menstruation, the breasts often feel slightly different. If you see and/or feel a change, check the breast(s) again after the menstrual period.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Breasts change during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is therefore important that you get to know your breasts again after the maternity period. Knowing how your breasts feel normal now will help you notice changes faster.

Genetic predisposition

If you have a hereditary predisposition to breast cancer, you will be advised to have your breasts checked regularly by a medical specialist.


It is important that you continue to pay close attention and regularly do a self-examination. In the intervening period between the self-examination, a tumor can develop in the breast.

It is also important for younger women to remain vigilant. Only an examination by a doctor can determine whether a breast complaint is benign or malignant.

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