What is the 1 benefit of mastectomy

What is the 1 benefit of mastectomy

What is the 1 benefit of mastectomy ?

The advantage is that the woman who makes this radical and far-reaching decision is always aware of the consequences. If they do not do this these women have been confronted with a breast cancer gene that lets them know if they do not have the mastectomy the chance of a lot longer road to possible recovery takes many times longer. Remember that making this decision is a choice between life and death for many women.

Comparing a Plant Cell to a Human Body

Plants and people are both living entities that are dependent on their surroundings to thrive. While they both eat, drink, and breathe, their techniques of doing so are vastly different. This is because their cells are fundamentally different. While the cells that make up each organism share some properties, plant and human cells have unique characteristics that distinguish them.

What are Plants Cell?

The only cells that make up plants are the smaller cells in the leaf, stem, root, etc. These cells are known as cytosol. The cytosol is responsible for storing energy as the plant can’t reproduce its own matter. If energy is not stored in the cytosol, it is lost into the environment and may not be available to the cell. The plant essentially “sucks” the energy directly from the environment when it needs it. The lack of a cell doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It simply means that the cell isn’t functioning correctly.

The cytosol of the plant is similar to a human body cell. Cells have distinct life spans as they have specific functions. A plant cell has a longer life span than a human cell, allowing it to turn into a seed, which is able to develop into a fully grown plant.

What is the Human Body?

Human body is simply a unit that consists of a biological structure, tissues, and organs. It’s made up of separate systems that are connected by blood flow that makes the organ complex and builds it up. Like the human body, the cells of a plant are also made up of similar structures and structural features. But what differentiates the human body from a plant is that human cells divide to make more cells while plants cells do not, they only grow as big as their resources will allow them to grow.

Comparison of plant cell to human cell in terms of growth and reproduction.

Plants and humans are both living organisms, but they have different cells that work differently to accomplish the same goals. Specifically, the way they divide allows them to accomplish the many different jobs they have. Plants have linear and branched cells that share a common


My analogy of myself to a plant

Mastectomy As you know I did love gardening vegetables and flowers and so is my mother’s hobby. By saying these I realized many times how i cut the sick branches or to give up the new growth of my plant when they are sick or got disease in able to save it, I need to cut them to not spread the disease to the whole plant.

When I got the news that my mother was in 4th stage of breast cancer, I became aware and watched my mother closely how she dealt with, and she refused to do chemo although she decided to do mastectomy and told me she needs to do that not to heal but to delay a little bit of the breast cancer to spread in her own observation as she said she already in 4th stage, 7 lymph nodes out of 10 were affected.

Although back then I never thought I would face the same or be a carrier of breast cancer, I am a first girl in the family and my mother told me that I must take care of myself and be prepared as her own analysis. I might be gonna have it too but she said by then hopefully it will give a better chance and find out how to get better in dealing with a breast cancer. The reason I was able to decide to go for double mastectomy.

It’s not easy for this decision, but it makes sense how my mother explained to me in her own observation, although V.G.H. Breast Cancer Hospital in Vancouver is trying so hard to talk to me to talk to my mother to get a chemo but I respected my mother’s wish into not taking chemo as my mother had her reason back then (2004).

She did prepared me well I must say, for she able to survive (at 4th stage), she stayed another 6 years with us by taking her pill brand, tamoxifen which is new pills for breast cancer back in 1998.

and she takes everyday a carrot juice and lives in a forest like surrounding. (away from city) eat all organic vegetables and less meat, already been adapted, chemical free since.

I face the same fate, got a diagnosis of a breast cancer in 2017, lumpectomy 2X, third one I decide to do mastectomy May 2018, 2019 of January. I did the right side, double mastectomy, as my oncologist doctor told me got a 20% chance,

It’s the hardest part of me but believe it or not I think of what I do to my plants when they are sick and get rid of the disease before it spreads to the whole plant, simple as that like what my mother taught me.

I did not do chemo or taking pills but I stay healthy wise if it comes in my foods, environment and what is good for the body. I am free from breast cancer and did what best to cut off the roots of breast cancer. I believe that it will be your best with your family doctor’s. It will be good to be your ally as the combination of common sense with her knowledge of medical is a better combination.

Now if you think about it vegetables plant, we got benefits for healing ourselves, as long as it is chemical free. Therefore, eating naturally healing our body in a way and not so much in how it taste but the natural with herbs are way better. Keep simple the best!

Prophylactic mastectomy

Some women may think about having surgery to remove their healthy breasts to try to avoid ever having breast cancer. Research has found that giving this surgery reduces the chance of breast cancer by about 90-95 %.

Most women who choose this option also plan to have breast reconstruction. it is important to think about how this surgery might change how you feel about your body, how much you worry about cancer, and many other issues.

My case I choose to do it for I know as you get older, you get more chance to have a breast cancer, according to my oncologist explanation and give me option, in the end it’s your decision not your doctor nor anybody but you alone, so why should I wait after all if you get it you suffer, and when do it you got chances, like me now I am 3 years free from breast cancer.


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